The View from the Top

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TOBIN won’t miss anything about life in Normal, Maine, when he leaves for conservatory . . . except his dream girl.

JONAH would give up his player ways—and his best friend—for a chance with his best friend’s girlfriend.

LEXI desperately hopes that her crush will see her in a new light, but fears that her love will remain unrequited.

MATT is anxiously clinging to the past, afraid that he won’t be a part of his girlfriend’s brighter future.

MARY-TYLER wishes people would look past her weight and wealth and accept her for who she is.

And then there’s ANNABELLE, the one who ties them all together. Expecting a quiet summer at home before heading off to college, instead she finds herself trying to sort out her love life and make sense of her increasingly complicated friendships. Anabelle begins to question how well her friends really know her . . . and how well she knows herself.

“These elegantly written character-driven episodes, each from a different point of view, intimately examine issues of unrequited love, social class, and identity seeking through pitch-perfect interactions that teens will find achingly familiar.” —Jennifer Hubert, Booklist starred review