I write and illustrate young adult novels. Grownup adults read them too.


In 2010, I created The Longest Shortest Time, a podcast about the surprises and absurdities of parenthood. I got my start with
This American Life.

Public Speaking

I speak at schools, businesses, and conferences about storytelling and how to get published. (My first book and radio story were both unsolicited submissions!)

My Radio Stories

I make The Longest Shortest Time, a parenting podcast produced in partnership with WNYC, and I’ve filed for lots of different public radio shows. I started at This American Life in 1999 with an unsolicited submission made on a shiny red boombox and a microcassette answering machine (see “Giantman” below). I’ve won awards from the Association for Women in Communications, the National Mental Health Association, and the Third Coast International Audio Festival. Here’s a sampling of my radio work.

Talk to me

Questions, Comments & Speaking Engagement Requests

I tailor my talks to each group’s needs. Tell me what you have in mind!